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Fraco Regular Bom Muito Bom Ótimo
Repeats through entire song 
      F#m , D , A , E


 I feel the flame is rising
 The flames on the horizon are at my door

 I'm staring at the ruins 

 The ambers of our brokenness

 Scattered on the floor

 This fire never sleeps, His fire never sleeps

 I see that hope is coming to pull me from the ashes,

 Ignite my soul

 Please burn away the darkness,

 His love is like a furnace, ignite my soul

 Burn, oh my soul, set me on fire

 Burn, oh my soul, light up the fire

 Burn, oh my soul

 Your fire never sleeps, your fire never sleeps

 Starve, I never want to miss you

 Something new is being born

 And we were born for this

 Lord, we know a day is coming

 When we look into your eyes and see a fire that

 Never sleeps

 His fire never sleeps, this fire never sleeps

 Purify my heart, purify my heart

 Spirit fall on us, spirit fall on us 

                       Enviado por:  Fabio

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